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Longwing Plimsoles
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Waxed Blucher Pack
Working Man's Footwear
Spanish Haberdashery
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For your Feet
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Modern Ivy Classics
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The YU Series
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Bitch Slap Magazine
Oola Lamp
Convenient Lighting Solution
Kevin Reid is a young Canadian designer who pushes his creativity to design products with harmonized function and clean aesthetic. Having worked for internationally acclaimed brands such as Norse Projects and Native Footwear, Kevin has acquired valuable experience within the footwear, textile and consumer product industries, working with manufacturers across the world. His determination and calculated, holistic approach to design has resulted in leading roles at only 24 years old. Kevin is currently involved in various freelance projects while completing the final year of his Bachelor of Industrial Design in Ottawa, Canada. If you have any questions about his work or would be interested in working with him, please feel free to contact him.

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